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GPS transfers


Classic 40° | Sports 60°  | Workwear 95° | Premium +

Digital Screen-Printed Transfers have transformed the promotional products, apparel, sportswear and personalised clothing market. The process enables photographic quality images to be produced as a transfer and pressed on to the required product. Our heat transfers can be applied to an assortment of different substrates from paper to jute, from cotton to even the most demanding fabrics such as softshell, lycra and even jute!  Because of the superior quality and wash fastness of our transfers, they will in most cases outlast the garment, resulting in being a great all-rounder for both quality and budgets.

At GPS, we recognise the range of transfers, the technical characteristics and the applications can appear complicated. GPS has simplified the process by introducing the categories below:

Classic 40° suitable for home laundry from 40°C and can withstand repeated washes. Being our most popular transfer as it is ideal for bags, umbrellas, T-shirts and polo shirts, for example.

Sports 60° developed for garments that require a hotter wash at 60°C - ideal for sportswear and softshell. This transfer can also include a blocking layer if needed. 

Workwear 95° suitable for industrial laundry to 95°C and can withstand repeated washes. This transfer can also add a blocking layer if required. 

Premium + available for the full transfer range, for extra vibrancy for those high-end orders.

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