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Heat application

GPS offer our clients a wide range of in-house finishing within our Bureau Service to enable a quality assembled 'finished' item.

As with every part of our production process, we support our finishing service with our meticulous quality control procedure.

Heat Application 



100% IN HOUSE 

We all know that machinery will only go wrong at the most inconvenient time, or that larges volume production runs can take longer than forecast. We also understand that sometimes it is more convenient to have the transfers pressed on to the finished product at the source of printing. These are just some of the reason we at GPS offer a Heat Application service.

Being experts at manufacturing Digital Screen-Printed Transfers, we have a greater knowledge and understanding of how best to apply them. Within our finishing department, working in a clean sterile environment we use an array of Fuchs heat presses and have the capacity to heat seal many orders, The benefit of using our pressing service is that you will have the reassurance that we run full quality monitoring and have absolute control and oversight of each order by our skilled team of meticulous operatives. 

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