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About Us


Established in 2007 Global Print Solutions Limited (GPS) is a global supplier to the Digital Screen-Print Transfer market. Based in South Yorkshire, England, GPS supplies printing equipment and consumables through our international distributors and clients. We believe in pushing the boundaries within printed transfers. From our state-of-the-art operation in South Yorkshire, GPS work in collaboration with our global partners and suppliers to deliver industry-leading solutions. GPS are print technology innovators, working at the edge of a technological revolution that will provide - even demand - exponential change. Working with our partners and research teams together, we maximise new opportunities like never before.

GPS is committed to investing in the future.

By maintaining strong working relationships with our technology partners, we deliver cutting-edge solutions to the market, from the design and production of digital screen-printed transfers, dedicated in-house training, to our bureau production service.

This approach has lead to the development of bespoke equipment, processes and newly formulated inks. 


GPS is committed to protecting the environment while delivering a wide range of amazing effects.Independently testing each element of our printing system and products to monitor performance throughout the manufacturing process.


To help ensure our partners receive innovative, high-performance, cost-effective printed transfers while combining the latest in screen ink, film technology with print production techniques. Through partnering with our clients rather than supplying to customers, has enabled GPS to grow to the respected market leader it is today.

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